why is it important to read autobiographies

autobiographies are an amazing way to learn more about a person.whenever you find yourself feeling low or you can’t find meaning and purpose in your life I suggest you something very motivating and inspiring thing to do. that is to grab a book about any person’s life. I am suggesting this because there are times in our life when we can’t figure out many things, nothing works for us (we just think that but in reality, that’s not so the universe is always working for us in the ways in which we can’t understand always) in that case I really want you to try reading at least 1 autobiography of any person whom you think you can relate the most.

here are some of the reasons for which you should read autobiographies-

1)motivation– sometimes there are experiences in our life or situations in our life where we feel stressed because of some things which are actually not very big as we see them. if we read or listen about other peoples life more we can see the bigger picture of our life. we always tend to forget the things which we should focus on because of the things which are not actually that significant. therefore, by reading about others life we can feel motivated to not do those mistakes and learn from them.

2)gratitude- there are people who are like the way they are now because they don’t become the victim of their situations and they just focus on their goals, no matter how their situation was. so, by learning about the things or situations which they faced in their life and then also they became successful in their life, teaches us to show gratitude towards the things which we have. which we should be happy about. the things which we should not take for granted.

3)wise decisions- with the help of autobiographies one can definitely make wise decisions in their life if they really learn from others life experiences and they apply those learnings in the practical aspects of their life.

4) personality- by reading about others life we can know more about them as a person.we can know their views to see everything, how they see their failures, what are the mistakes they made, about their personality and how you can improve some things in yourself too.

Women’s safety during the lockdown period

So, we all are in our homes? Safe, having our normal peaceful life right??

You know what there are some HUMAN BEINGS out there who are struggling even inside of their homes. they are not treated like HUMAN BEINGS just because they are the ‘WOMEN’ of our nation. today I was reading an article in this issue where various cases are reported in the police station, in the hospitals that our mothers, sisters, daughters are the victims of domestic violence. Their so-called husbands are frustrated because they can’t be in their normal lives so they just want to let it out.so that they can feel better, they can be at home by letting out their anger or their frustrations in their wives. In their eyes, they don’t do anything wrong. if you ask them then they will surely be like, what will we do then?? we are frustrated we can’t go out, have fun, our wives have a habit of being at home, “chilling”right?????

just because they don’t always complain about their lives these men think that they are happy in their life the way they are living their life. mostly the women who are the victims of domestic violence are uneducated or not educated enough so that they can raise their voice. many women are also afraid to tell their mothers or the elder members of the family because they think that what society will say. what if they take any action and then they themselves will feel insulted because of society.

and some people who are taking actions towards this issue are not getting the help of the doctors and the police because of the emergence of COVID-19 cases. yes, I agree that our doctors and policemen are working day and night for the safety of us, for the betterment of us. but it is also very important to think about these issues also. the government thinks that people will be safe if they remain in their homes only. and it is a very good step also, I appreciate it. but the point is the most important section of your society which is our women are not safe. they don’t feel safe or peaceful at home.they are dying each and every day and there is no one to listen to them.to understand them, to be with them. family is supposed to be our greatest strength, but their family members are the real ghosts for them.it is very important to take action against these people and appropriate safety measures should be provided to the victims of domestic violence.

please think about yourself my dear women.you are stronger than you think and can do anything you want, you have all the power to fight against these people. please realise your value, your self respect.

also, doctors should treat them equally in this situation. a separate helpline number should be provided for these victims.

#staystrong #we #sheispowerful #selfrespect what are your views guys??? how much do you agree with this.. do tell me in the comments?

Connecting with your hobbies(top 5 hobbies to develop)

So, you are also sitting there in your home? thinking when this pandemic thing will get over?

Well, no comments 🙂 we can just hope for the best guys!! but in this unfortunate situation, we can really become fortunate by realising the importance of this time. I mean c’mon yaar don’t just sit there, scrolling your feed all the time.get up do something with this time, this time actually will never come again. Well, 🙂 I know we don’t want this type of situation ever in our life again but I want you to realise the importance of this time.

We can’t do something about this time but we can do something with this time. This is your time, do something productive, do something which you always wanted to do, but can’t do because of your work pressure or schoolwork, college assignments whatever it may be. You can definitely develop a hobby. yes, I’m focusing here to develop a hobby guys!!

I strongly believe that we should always be Hungry for variety in our lives. You know “variety is the spice of life” right??;) so, I would like to highlight some hobbies which you really can develop in this period. For these things, you don’t have to be a pro in it. I want that go for anything unusual in your life.try something which you don’t normally. Who knows what’s your hidden talent,about which you also don’t know about yet!!!

Here are some hobbies(these are different from the ones which you may have probably known before) which you can develop or just try for once in this free time and these will help you to grow you as a person and they will also help to improve your career life, or your student life and at the same time makes you a lot happier 🙂 –

1) Reading- In this world of technology, I think the most important thing which we are losing is the habit of reading. I know our technology has become so advance that everything which we want we just need to google it or see some videos and just gain the important information. But it’s really important to have an imaginary vision guy. It’s the small things which matter a lot. Say, if you want to enjoy content and you have two options for that, whether you can watch a movie or series of that topic or you can read a book. The people who go with the second option are my favourite ;).You know why because while reading a book you can just imagine the scenarios in your head, it all depends on your thinking how is your character look like, how the weather looks like, how are the surroundings look like. Ya, it takes some time to read a book, you have to invest more time than watching a movie, but trust me guys it’s the smallest things, the details which matter a lot. Just give it a try:)

2) Researching- now I know this sounds little strange, but researching can become a really good and interesting hobby for some of you. Researching refers to the search for anything. You can literally pick a topic of your interest and just start researching on that topic, you can make your own research paper also. There are always some topics or issues which we can’t understand sometimes just use your resources and search about those topics make diagrams, charts, write what all the information you get, collect information by taking surveys(for now you can use questionnaires or telephonic surveys no physical contact ;)).this hobby actually can become a productive hobby and help you to explorer some career opportunities in the research field also.

3) Teaching- yes I know guys that teaching is actually a profession and a very good one but who said it is supposed to be only a well-paid profession? right. So by teaching, I mean that start spreading your knowledge to everyone around you. teaching is a thing which actually helps not only the other person but a lot more to the person who teaches. When we teach others we ourselves gain more and more, can recall more and more information. Imagine if you will start sharing what you have learnt and the other person also shared his views or doubts about the topic then you will have a discussion regarding that topic. which helps you a lot to increase your learning.you also learn the art of expressing yourself to others.so, this also really helps you to be productive and a lot more confident as a person.

4) find your way of meditating- meditation is a good way to relax. But you know what exactly is meditation? In my opinion, meditation is a very personal thing. Meditation is something where we calm our body, mind, soul.it is something where our mind is in a very soothing place, internally we feel very good. Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be a thing where one has to sit in one place and to give your attention to any religious activity or pray. One can do anything where he/she feels good, where they are full with themselves only.talking with themselves, thinking, feeling things without having any other person.like my way of meditation is listening to music. It can be reading, writing, painting, working out etc. You have to find your way of meditation.what actual makes you happy, relaxed. You can try various things and then select from them your thing.

5) networking- so, my last thing in this list includes this very important thing or habit which we should have at least to some extent, which is to build a network. For an introvert (like me;)) it is a little awkward and difficult to start a conversation with someone or to express yourself to someone without thinking what they are gonna think about me or my thoughts. Having good networking helps us to grow in our life also. It increases our skills to work in a team, to effectively communicate with others, to be able to know how to deal with difficult people in our life and work;) and much more. In order to be with them, we have to listen to them, understand them, we can work with them only if we can build a friendly relation with them. therefore, we must try and build our networking with people in order to acquire these skills. therefore, strike up conversations with the people

I hope you like all these tips and will apply these in your personal life, and will be benefitted from them. Do tell me in the comments which will you try.

what are your hobbies and interests and how you developed them??

Let’s talk ❤ spread love, spread positivity.


Hey guys! Thank you so much for joining me here on my journey. I am here starting my first blog. this blog page is all about my hobbies, how one can use their hobbies to do something productive with it etc (much more interesting topics). I want your support guys! I am here to write my heart out, to provide some very useful content for you all. Also, guys, I would love to know what are your hobbies? let’s talk something😊

I hope you all will support me in my journey.❤love you all. stay positive.spread kindness.

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